Faith Promise

Faith promise gifts differ from regular offerings in that a faith promise requires the giver to commit to giving what he or she does not currently have—a promise requiring faith that God will provide.

It is based on 2 Corinthians 10:15–16: Not boasting of things without our measure, that is, of other men’s labours; but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly, To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man’s line of things made ready to our hand.

  • Church members are to prayerfully consider the amount to promise.
  • The giving is to be in addition to a person’s normal offering (or tithe).
  • The promise is a one-year faith commitment.
  • Faith is to be placed in God, not the giver’s own power.
  • The church members are encouraged to commit to give as much money as possible while trusting God to meet their needs.
  • The whole process is to be carried out in faith, trusting God to supply.

Our Missionaries

Christian Law Association – David Gibbs, Jr. Headshot

Supported since 2019

Christian Law Association – David Gibbs, Jr.

Since 1969, CLA has been providing free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition in one form or another.

The Christian Law Association exists to preserve Christian liberty for your children and grandchildren.

Missionaries Seth & Kaitlin Folkers

Supported since 2017

Seth & Kaitlin Folkers


World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

We are Seth and Kaitlin Folkers, missionaries to Cameroon, West Africa. The Lord is leading us to work alongside and behind pioneer church planters to see new believers grounded in the faith, particularly through training up national pastors and teachers to lead these young churches. Eph. 4:11-16 is the heartbeat of our ministry.

Missionaries Dan & Sherry Hyden and children

Supported since 2015

Dan & Sherry Hyden

Russian Speaking People of New York City

Baptist World Mission

After being forced to leave Russia, the Lord directed us to work with the enormous Russian-speaking population of New York City. There are over 600,000 Russians in NYC. We first began having services in September 2004 and continue to see God grow this church. We have three weekly church services in Brooklyn, and two weekly Bible studies in the borough of Queens. The need for a ministry like this is such that our people sometimes travel three hours one way to reach our church, and we have had regular attenders from New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Our congregation represents over half of the now-independent countries that used to comprise the Soviet Union, with religious backgrounds in Judaism, Islam, atheism and the Russian Orthodox Church. New York City (with its huge and multinational population located within the borders of the United States) is a great destination for mission trips, and we welcome any opportunity to present the needs of this “foreign ministry on domestic soil” to new churches as we seek to gain our full support and raise up additional prayer partners for this ministry.

Missionaries Jim & Monica Hoffman

Supported since 2015

Jim & Monica Hoffman

Bearing Precious Seed – Oshkosh, WI

I was born in Appleton, WI and raised in a Catholic family. Monica and I were married April 29, 1967. We have four children Michael, Kimberly, Daniel, and Benjamin. Michael and Kimberely are both married . The first time I was witnessed to I was 21 years old and in VietNam. For 2 years I fought God and was not willing to believe that I needed a Saviour. God used many people to win me to Christ. I became a Christian August 16, 1970. We attended Bay City Baptist Church in Green Bay, WI where I served as Sunday school superintendent. Then God sent a missionary and stirred my heart for the need for the word of God in our world.

On July 31, 1977, I answered the call of God on my life. We moved to the First Baptist Church of Georgetown, DE where I attended their Bible Institute. I served in that church for two years and moved to Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI, as director of their scripture publishing ministry. April 11, 1981 I was ordained by Wyldewood Baptist Church. I was sent out as a missionary and have raised my personal support. I am involved in raising money for scriptures on a continual basis. What we produce is distributed free to the lost. We try to get churches to sponsor the scriptures for their missionaries and then we produce them at cost of materials.

Mark & Sabrina Holmes and children

Supported since 2019

Mark & Sabrina Holmes

Fundamental Baptist Missions International

In June of 2005, the Holmes family began their first term as Fundamental Baptist Missions International missionaries in Nigeria. Soon, Truth Baptist Church along with Temple Baptist Institute was started, the church now averaging 220 on Sundays with 42 graduates from the ministry training school. Property with buildings was purchased, and Providence Baptist College & Seminary opened its doors in August 2009 and has now produced 30 graduates. Over 30 churches have been started by those who have been trained or ordained by their ministry, including the most recent, Grace & Glory Baptist Church in Abuja.

Mark & Sabrina have 6 children: Mark Jr., Victoria, Brian, Noah, Elizabeth and Aaron.

Portrait photo of Pastor Hoover Sr.

Supported since 2015

Paul & Cindy Hoover

Reaching America Baptist Partners

Evangelist Paul Hoover & his wife Cindy planted Souls Harbor Baptist Church in the Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield, Wisconsin in the Summer of 1986.  Within a few months, the Lord impressed upon their hearts to move the church into the inner city of Milwaukee where there was a tremendous need for a solid Bible preaching church.  They had several locations, but they spent most of their time in the inner city at 1235 N. 12th St.  They built a building there in 1992 and then added two wings onto the main building in 2002.  In 2007 the building was sold in order to purchase a much larger facility at 3800 S. Howell Ave.  In 2016, Evangelist Hoover retired from the pastorate and is currently serving as the church’s staff evangelist.  Evangelist Hoover is available for pulpit supply, missions conferences, revivals and evangelistic meetings.

Missionaries Jeremy & Heather Ingalls with their family

Supported since 2015

Jeremy & Heather Ingalls

Couriers For Christ – Oshkosh, WI

I accepted Christ as my Savior during a mission’s conference in Canada when I was 12 years of age. I was involved in the ministries of Wyldewood Baptist Church at the of 16 and was able to go on a couple of mission’s trips before going off to Bible college.  I attended one year of Fairhaven Baptist College. After completing one year, I went back to my home church and took some Bible Institute classes. At the age of 20 I had the opportunity to go on a mission’s trip to Zambia, Africa for six months. After returning home from Africa, I went back to Fairhaven to finish up my schooling. It was there that I met my wife, Heather. We got married the year before we both graduated from college.

After graduating, we moved out to Auburn, New York to work at Freedom Baptist Church as an Associate Pastor under Pastor David Dunbar. It was during our mission’s conference, in October, 2012 under the preaching of Bro. Nick Bickish, that God called us into missions and directed us to join the Couriers Ministry. Please pray for us as we work with the Couriers for Christ ministry. We have a great burden to reach all of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union with the Gospel and putting Godʼs Word into the hands of the people.

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Supported since 2019

Mshama & Martha Kinyonga


Klaus Family smiling together

Supported since 2011

Daniel & Maggy Klaus

Calvary Life Baptist Church – Glendale, Queens, New York City

Reaching America Baptist Partners & Urban Burden Collaborative

We are the Klaus family, Daniel, Maggy, Havilah, Ian and Ezekiel. We were married the summer of 2006 after Maggy graduated from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. Following Daniel’s graduation from Ambassador Baptist College in 2008, we spent the summer together as a family in NYC. It was during this time that God confirmed in our hearts the desire to serve Him as church planters there. That Fall, we moved back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, were Daniel became the Assistant Pastor at Souls Harbor Baptist Church. During the three years we ministered at SHBC, we learned much about serving God in an urban environment. In the Fall of 2011, Souls Harbor commissioned us as missionaries to New York City, and we moved to Brooklyn, where Daniel became the Assistant Pastor at Memorial Baptist Church. For the past six years, we have been serving here in Brooklyn, growing in our experience and knowledge of ministering in one of the world’s largest cities. In July of 2017, Daniel accepted the call to re-plant Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Glendale, Queens.

Missionaries Daniel & Christina McDonald and children

Supported since 2016

Daniel & Christina McDonald

Grandview Baptist Church – Driggs, Idaho

Pastor Daniel McDonald was born and raised on a family farm in Northwest Indiana.  Saved at the age of five, he had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home.  He was called to preach at the age of 13 and has been active in local church ministries for more than 15 years.  He had the opportunity of attending an excellent Baptist academy and college, where in 2010, he graduated with a degree in Pastoral Theology.  Daniel also met his wife, Christina, in Bible college.  They were married in May of 2007.  They now have two sons, Henry and Haddon.

For seven years, during and after college, Daniel worked at FedEx Ground, and for four years he owned two routes and trucks with the company.  After his time with FedEx Ground, he took an internship at his home church for a year and a half.  During that time, he was earnestly seeking God’s will for his future ministry. Toward the end of 2014, after much prayer and searching Scripture, God called Pastor McDonald and his family to plant a church in Teton County, Idaho.

MIsisonary Tayler & Lorin Norris and Family

Supported since 2019

Tayler & Lorin Norris


Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Tayler Norris was born at Lajes Field, Terceira Island, Açores, Portugal.  His father was in the U.S. Air Force, and while stationed in the Açores.

In 2012 he was able to go on a missions trip to Zambia, Africa to help missionary Damon Matacchiera. While on this missions trip he felt God leading me to missions. In 2013 a missionary family “The Kleins” to Argentina came through his church, for the second time, on furlough.  He noticed their daughter Lorin, how she was very modest and loved God and her Family.  God placed her on my heart and a few weeks later I called her dad to ask if I could begin a relationship with her through courtship.  Seven months later they were married.

The year following their marriage at our church missions conference they heard Missionary Mark Pereira to Portugal speak.  On the last night of the conference, God laid Mozambique on Tayler’s heart, combining his experience from the missions trip to Zambia Africa in 2012, and his history of being born in Portugal.  God combined his two desires of wanting to be in Portugal and wanting to be in Africa by laying a Portuguese-speaking African country on my heart. In September of 2015 the Norris’ were able to visit Mozambique and see the need for the Gospel in that country. Now they are preparing themselves to pursue Gods will.  The Norris’ have three children: Deacon, Eden Skye and Enoch.

Missionaries David & Hannah Owens and baby

Supported since 2017

David & Hannah Owens


Macedonia World Baptist Missions

Our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God. Our passion is to reach lost souls for Christ. Our mission is to evangelize the lost, train pastors, and establish local churches throughout Argentina and South America. Pray for us as we labor in reaching Argentina with the Gospel.

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Supported since 2017

Eduardo Pozo


Photo of Missionaries Stephen & Christina Rains hugging

Supported since 2015

Stephen & Christina Rains


The Lord did an amazing work in allowing me to meet my wonderful wife Christina in the fall of 2007. We were married on September 26, 2008. The Lord has blessed us with four precious children.

Our family was able to take a two-month survey trip to Kenya at the end of 2012. The Lord led my older brother and his family to Kenya in 2000 and is leading us to team up with them in church planting and training nationals in the Bible College.

Missionaries Clint & Rhonda Rardin with their children

Supported since 2016

Clint & Rhonda Rardin


Clint and Rhonda Rardin and their family have served in Mexico City, Mexico, for 15 years as church planting missionaries.  Clint is currently the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church.  The previous church that they helped establish and pastored for four years was Northside Baptist Church in the northern suburbs of the metropolitan area.  Out of that church was reproduced another church, The Rock Baptist Church, in a town just outside the metropolitan area.  Both churches are lead by men trained in their Bible Institute and all three churches own their own land and buildings. Scarlett was born in October of 2008. In August 2012, Zaida, our youngest was born.

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Supported since 2019

Cesar Rios

Lajas, Puerto Rico

Missionaries Tim & Christa Simmons and family

Supported since 2019

Tim & Christa Simmons


Fundamental Baptist Missions International

Tim started at Hyles-Anderson College in the fall of 2010 and finished with a missions degree in 2014.  Tim met Christa the first week of college on a bus route.  They dated throughout our college time, and in December of Tim’s senior year, they were married. Ethan was born the following October, and Evan Was born in August of 2016.

After getting counsel, Tim decided not to go right into deputation from college.  He did an internship at First Baptist Church with FBMI and Keith Cowling, which he completed in May of 2017.  As he was nearing the completion of the internship, he started praying about where they should go as missionaries. The Lord directed his heart specifically to the need in Uruguay. After their family took a three-week trip there in the fall of 2017, the Lord’s leading was confirmed in their hearts.

Portrait shot of Jill and Dave

Supported since 2016

Dave & Jill Smith

First Bible International

Brother Smith is a seasoned Pastor, having spent over 40 years in full time Christian work (30 years as Senior Pastor). He has experience in all aspects of church ministry beginning at a very early age, having grown up in a pastor’s home, worked as a youth director, school administrator, assistant pastor, and senior pastor, at various seasons of his ministry. He has pastored a new church start, building from a handful of members, and in more mature churches; he has pastored in rural, suburban and city ministries; he has pastored culturally homogeneous congregations, and multi-cultural congregations.

Additionally, Brother Smith has served as a board member for the Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission in Los Angeles for over twenty years, led teens and adults on mission trips, and served as Vice President of the California Association of Christian Schools. He served on the faculty of Golden State Baptist Bible College and taught courses at several other Christian colleges. Travelling in over 20  countries,  he is used in  missions conferences and leadership conferences here in the United States as well as overseas.

Missionaries Daniel & Anna Sparks and children

Supported since 2016

Daniel & Anna Sparks


Vision Baptist Missions

God first starting working in my heart about missions after I went on a missions trip to Mexico. He had also given Anna a burden to reach Spanish speaking people with the Gospel at a missions camp she attended. She had a love for Christ and world-wide evangelism. Today we both share a strong love for our Lord and missions. I’m blessed to have her as the mother of our children and a life-long companion in marriage and ministry.

Anna and I have been married since September of 2004. God has blessed us with three precious daughters. Our oldest, Penelope, was born in November of 2006. Scarlett was born in October of 2008. In August 2012, Zaida, our youngest was born.

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Supported since 2016