Missionary Application

This information is for our church’s use only.  Only full-time staff will have access to this completed application.  We use this information to schedule missionaries for meetings and to determine any possible support.  If we do not book you right away, it is possible that we will do so in the future; however, due to the number of requests we receive, we can not promise that we will.  We will maintain this application on file for future reference.  Our purpose is not to burden you with more paperwork or to cause undue stress; it is designed to help each of us communicate necessary information without incurring unnecessary long-distance phone bills.  If, for this purpose, you require more space, feel free to add additional material.  I promise that we will read it!  Some missionaries have included resumes, brochures, letters of recommendation, electronic presentations on DVD, etc.  If we are able to have you come and present your burden we will send you a questionnaire with doctrinal questions.